‘Transport & Environment’


  • Access
  • Bus links (Regular and reliable)
  • Good variety of bus routes
  • Electric Buses
  • Illuminated bus information signs


  • Too many buses
  • Bus fumes/ dust/ air pollution
  • No public transport on seafront
  • Parking on pavements
  • Narrow pavements – too crowded
  • Cyclists going incorrect way on a ‘one way’ street
  • Cycle lane
  • Decisions being made without consultation
  • Streets look rundown
  • Too noisy
  • Cost of parking – impact on economy
  • Illegal street trading
  • Inconsiderate bus/taxi drivers
  • Lots of people being hit by buses

Suggestions for improvements

  • Bus link to promote Madeira Drive
  • Improved north and south bus links
  • Pedestrianise or shared space on St James Street
  • To reduce air pollution in the area (Fewer buses or reduce cost of buses so less people use their own transport)
  • Local Business’s to contribute with greenery (Flower baskets etc.)
  • Fewer incidents/accidents on the roads
  • Speed bumps
  • Safer area for cyclists
  • Speed limit signs
  • Community notice boards
  • Economic Strategy – More independent shops/ Links with Amex development
  • Construction – Welcome arches
  • Restrict delivery hours – I.e. deliveries can only be made before a certain time etc.
  • Improved training for bus and taxi drivers

Requirements to make this change possible!

  • Consulting/ proactive meeting with Brighton & Hove Bus Company
  • Meetings with taxi companies
  • Highways
  • Council to sanction removal of bus stop outside ‘Morrison’s’
  • Visible Police presence
  • Community Garden protests with council/ corporate sponsors
  • Council transport partnership – local cyclists
  • For all of the above to be working in unison, and not divisions based on personal requirements and issues