What is the issue/problem this proposal will help with?

Party Houses


How do we know that this is a problem?

Discussion by residents from across Brighton

What needs to happen?

There needs to be an establishment to report this to.

Regulation and Legislation needs to change.

Who needs to be involved?

Councillors and politicians

Councillor ‘Evans’ will take this forward to ‘Notice of Notion to the council.

What will they need to do?

Write to central government requesting change in legislation to help tackle party houses.

Police to be given powers inside property

Work together with residents and landlords

What resources/ things will they need?

Support from the council and residents

What are the obstacles or problems with doing this?

Private landlords- They may object or be otherwise unreachable

How will we know if this has helped?

Safety and noise difference (Decrease)

Neighbours/residents will be getting better sleep and can feedback to ongoing meetings.

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