What is the issue/problem this proposal will help with?

Party Houses – (Inc. Air BnB).

How do we know that this is a problem?

Lots of noise, ASB, Hen and stag parties happening all over the city.

What needs to happen?

Council to feedback through to central government to change legislation – as Airbnb is not currently regulated. Hard to monitor without new legislation.

Who needs to be involved?

Council – Housing partners

What will they need to do?

Stairs to be removed at Morley Street.

Perhaps limiting AirBnB to the city if possible.

Raising awareness of said issue.

Talk to central government about legislation change/ regulating safety and accidents in these places.

To find out what other cities are doing with this same problem.

What resources/ things will they need?

What are the obstacles or problems with doing this?

Obstacles regarding AirBnB would be a list of who is renting said property. As there are too many, they cannot all be accounted for.

Nobody is currently in a position to stop the noise – e.g. if staying in hotel.

How will we know if this has helped?

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