What is the issue/problem this proposal will help with?

Begging/ Street Community – Aggressive

Drug taking/dealing

Graffiti/appearance – Cleaner streets/ Pride issue- re damage

How do we know that this is a problem?

Normalised drug dealing

Aggressive begging apparent in streets

Organised begging and dealing (Gangs)

Damage to property and inadequate clean up

What needs to happen?

Police need to be doing more to combat the free reign dealers have at the moment. More Intel gathering, licensing and turning away intoxicated people.

Who needs to be involved?

Police and Street Outreach teams. Community safety teams. To have extra resources like street Intel.

City Clean

What will they need to do?

Pride need to spend street party money on supporting the area. Fixing damage to properties. Extra money for community clean up.

Police to arrest more beggars and drug dealers and taking action on organised crime.  I.e. professional beggars.

Street cleaning and removal of Graffiti

What resources/ things will they need?

More staffing personnel – More Officers

Money from Police or Council

What are the obstacles or problems with doing this?

Current Police resources

Council existing policy re graffiti removal

Pride is not compelled to fund street based mess nor damage to property.

How will we know if this has helped?

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