Safety on St James Street


  • The feel of the community/ informal support networks
  • Vibrant and well lit
  • Café culture
  • Diversity
  • Diversity of shops
  • Street security workers
  • Bus service
  • Lighting on street


  • Lack of Police presence at night and in general
  • Lack of CCTV
  • Amount of drug dealers/ Substance (drug and alcohol) abuse – Happening on street
  • ASB
  • Violence
  • Assaults and homophobic attacks
  • Theft and fear of crime
  • Homelessness
  • Passive/aggressive begging
  • Party houses – creating noise
  • Cash machines
  • Cyclists

Suggestions for improvement

  • More/ improved CCTV
  • Legislation around party houses
  • More visible Police presence
  • Sharing of information on a wider scale (With other public services; initiatives like ‘Pub Watch’)
  • A point of contact for drugs and associated dealers – building a report of patients
  • More in-depth interaction with Police officers and staff – Knowing your officers
  • Remove graffiti – More Art
  • Planting greenery
  • Sympathetic medicals for drug users but no tolerance for ‘dealers’
  • Housing
  • Remove ‘dark’ spots on street – especially side street
  • Drug consumption rooms
  • Bid for this area?

Requirements to make this change possible!

  • Support for homeless people – More cohesive approach to problem (Charities to work together)
  • Alarms for local businesses and residents
  • Further Police and council resources
  • Help from support services (Or more of it)
  • Further support and resources from the local community
  • Liaison Point with Police – Closed Facebook or WhatsApp group
  • Increased Police patrols (On foot) at all times of the week
  • More central and creative use of support services to be used for drug/alcohol addicts – Set up places for them to go – focus on treatment
  • All services to have financial aid
  • Voluntary agencies
  • Recruit Volunteers – Provide incentives