What is the issue/problem this proposal will help with?

Awareness of how to spot ASB and ways to report it

What difference will it make to our community health and wellbeing?

Gives control to individuals and wider community. People are afraid to go out. Helps people connect in communities

What needs to happen?

Can we have an isolation/open day event to get people otherwise isolated participating. An event at the Bingo Hall. Involve the Argus in the campaign.

Who needs to be involved?

All services, police, health services, housing, residents.

What will they need to do?

Health & wellbeing isolation event – info for services.

What resources/ things will they need?

People, volunteers, money, venue, enthusiasm, cake, promotion of event, door knock, visit older people, crowd fund?

What are the obstacles or problems with doing this?

Getting people to attend. Educational barrier – people don’t know support is available

How will we know if this has helped?

Less people in isolation. More visable people in the community, more positive vibes, more positive reporting mechanisms, Less asb.