• Amount of Bins
  • Conditions after pride
  • City bikes
  • Lighting in St James Street itself
  • New restaurants and shops


  • State of pavements/ street
  • Shop fronts
  • Emptying street bins/ rubbish collection
  • Not enough street cleaners
  • Parking expenses
  • Drug dealing in ‘green spaces’
  • Use of the street as a toilet
  • Lack of greenery in area

Suggestions for improvements

  • More flowers/Greenery/ Hanging baskets
  • Tree Guards for newly planted greenery
  • Nicer Pavements
  • Less empty/ damaged shops
  • To get rid of street clutter/ More regular cleaning of streets
  • Signs for dog fouling
  • More recycling – Variations of plastics in particular
  • Tighter enforcement on cleanliness
  • Safe areas for drug taking
  • Map of the area showing green spaces and places of interest

Requirements to make this change possible!

  • Lower business rates in order for shop owners to have budget for maintenance
  • Flatten off shop fronts at night so less groups can hang around causing damage/ and leaving rubbish
  • Power clean all pavements at least twice a month (Jetwash)
  • Community Waste bins / Recycling bins
  • Christmas lights – Community initiatives
  • Money
  • Activities organised by community to clean up Graffiti etc
  • Volunteers and other agencies providing aid (Cleaning etc.)
  • Communication between community and business’ around the reasons for why individuals are homeless and the issues around this, plus safety
  • Community events
  • City Parks
  • Local Councillors/ Local business owners