What is the issue/problem this proposal will help with?

Not safe areas, not well lit and havens for drug taking and ASB

How do we know that this is a problem?

Park user comments and police actions

What needs to happen?

Needs to be somewhere for families. Look at good examples elsewhere. Cafe in on-site building, Litter pick, consult with local residents, community events

Who needs to be involved?

Community groups and residents, Park Rangers, City Parks, Community Engagement Team, Police

What will they need to do?

Park design. Improve facilities and lighting. Attract families, paint railings. Gym Equipment (from pride) or sports. Dog bins. Create thoroughfare (entrance in wall directly onto Edward Street) Can George Street entrance be opened?

What resources/ things will they need?

Space to meet and plan

What are the obstacles or problems with doing this?

Ensuring the right facilities are in place (Age appropriate)

How will we know if this has helped?