Over 2019 the council and the police have worked together with residents, traders and other community voices to put on a series of events in the area to look at issues, opportunities and concerns. The aim of these events has been:

“to find better ways to  work with residents  and businesses to  improve the area so that it feels a safe and welcoming place for all, to involve  those who live and work here more closely in decisions  about how services operate, and to look at ways we can collaborate more closely with the community to enable you to develop local ideas and ambition for your neighbourhood.”

The first event took place in June 2019. This looked at general issues and was able to identify some themes, and further meetings took place in October and November 2019 and January 2020 to explore these themes in more detail and start developing proposals for actions.

For more on this, click on the boxes below. Each row covers a theme area, with broad issues, then ideas for action suggested by residents, followed by resources and tools for action. The Resources section will take time to grow – ideas for helpful information to add here would be most welcome.

To make your own suggestion for action, click HERE