Brighton & Hove City Council has been working with communities across the city to develop Neighbourhood Action Plans for their areas:

“When communities work with each other and with local services, there are more opportunities to listen, understand each other and shape services that work. It builds skills which can lead to volunteering or employment and creates a greater sense of belonging across communities and neighbourhoods.”

The process for developing a Queens Park Neighbourhood Action Plan has been ongoing over 2019, with different events put together by the council Communities team and the Trust for Developing Communities, which have focused initially on the Tarner and St James Street areas. The next step is to pull together the work done so far and look at how other communities and areas can be involved in the process.

“Each NAP aims to fulfil the commitment within the Brighton & Hove Collaboration Framework to work collaboratively to improve and develop the neighbourhoods and are based on a range of information that has come from engagement events, meetings and conversations with the residents within each neighbourhood over a period of time.”

A key task is to look at putting residents in the driving seat to ensure that the issues and outcomes are shared and that initiatives and actions are wanted and supported by those living and working here. This website is a part of this process, and a range of community meetings and events will take place over 2020 to take this further.

So far four areas across the city have published their plans and more about them can be found HERE

At the moment work in the Queens Park area is being carried out by the council, police and the Trust for Developing Communities and has so far focused on talking to people to find out what they think about the area and what sort of changes or improvements they would like to see.

Over 2020 we aim to work with residents, local businesses and community organisations to take suggestions forward and turn them into action. We also need to find ways to put the community in charge of the process – for those who live and work here to be taking on a central role in deciding local issues and priorities and to find positive and productive ways to work with the council, police and others to ensure that local services and activities best meet the needs and wishes of those living, working in or visiting the area.

If you would like more information about any of this initiative, contact Simon Bannister (Brighton & Hove City Council Community Engagement Team)