Zooming June + Agenda (updated)

At our previous Queens Park Community Zoom catchups people have talked about the need for changes to our street layout to support social distancing – especially in the St James Street area, with requests made to move bins and close parking spaces to give people more room to queue and to walk, and it look like this call has been taken up, with extensive work taking place outside Morrison’s and Boots as well as elsewhere in the city centre

What do you think of it? Is it too much, about right or is there more to be done? With many of our shops set to open next week, how will the extra pedestrian space affect trade?

The council is putting these changes in place using emergency money from the Government – the first stage is about putting measures in place quickly, and there is an opportunity for further funding to help make successful schemes permanent, so how well this works could have an impact on the city felt far beyond the current pandemic.

This will be among the topics discussed at our next Queens Park Community Zoom, which takes place on Wednesday June 17th 6.30pm. Other items will include a policing update and we hope that someone from the homeless and street community support services will be able to attend to update us on this area as well.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Policing matters
  3. Social Distance Streets
    • St James Street Changes
    • Madeira Drive pedestrian and cycle space
  4. Social distancing in lifts
  5. Dorset Street Improvements
  6. Ward Councillor Update
  7. AOB
  8. Next Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting can be found HERE

Here is the Zoom joining link:

Topic: Queens Park Community Zoom

Time: Jun 17, 2020 06:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 827 9598 1692

Password: 102790

Meeting ID: 827 9598 1692

Password: 102790

If you are unable to join via smartphone or computer, you can join by phone by dialing any of these numbers:

United Kingdom+44 203 481 5240
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Queens Park Community Zoom (updated)

On Wednesday May 6th we will be holding a second Community Zoom open video meeting for the area.

The first meeting – which took place on Wednesday April 22nd – was focused on the St James Street area, It was attended by residents, ward Councillors, local service providers and council staff. The aim of the meeting was simply to help check in with residents, give information about services and hear community concerns which our Councillors and council staff may be able to help with.

Notes from this meeting can be found HERE

One action from this meeting was to hold a second event, and to extend it out to focus on the whole ward, and this will take place on Wednesday 6th May.

As well as council staff and ward councilors, we hope to have the police and other service providers present. The agenda will be put out on Tuesday. If you have any issues, concerns or topics which you would like to see include, please email me: simon.bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Round Robin – any concerns or issues not on the agenda
  3. Police update – PS Mark Redbourne
  4. Street issues – graffiti, begging, drug use and street drinking
  5. open streets (pavement widening, filters, cycle lanes)
  6. Fibre capacity for St James Street
  7. Support for city centre businesses to help them resume operation with social distancing in place
  8. Update from Councillors
  9. AOB
  10. Next steps

Here is the Zoom invite – feel free to share with local groups and residents.

Topic: Queens Park Community Zoom

Time: May 6, 2020 06:30 PM London


Meeting ID: 821 8954 9788

Password: 022184

Zooming about St James Street

This evening we are holding a community Zoom video meetup for the St James Street area. It will give you a chance to share views with neighbours, find out about council activity and other services and hear from your ward Councillors and let them know your thoughts.


  1. Welcome
  2. Round Robin – check in, concerns and issues for discussion
  3. Police matters (Unfortunately the police are not able to attend the meeting, but have sent an update)
  4. Ward Councillor update
  5. Community newsletters and website
  6. Other issues or topics from the floor
  7. Next steps and actions

To join the meeting:

St James Area Community Zoom Apr 22, 2020 18:30 PM


Meeting ID: 853 1797 1755 Password: 005300

St James Area Community Zoom

Almost a month into lockdown, many of us are feeling the pressure in different ways as we adapt to managing with the restrictions placed upon us and do out best to protect our health and that of those around us.

If there is a silver lining to this, it must be the way that communities have come together to help their neighbours and the way that services and support networks have sprung up to try to ensure that the most vulnerable amongst are given assistance and that extremes of hardship are avoided.

Despite the fantastic initiatives carried out by the Covid-19 Mutual Aid community, as well as the work of our emergency services and council, there is still a risk that people are being missed out, and important issues being overlooked.

The council Community Engagement Team are working with your ward councillors to help ensure that accurate and up to date information is available to everyone, and this week we will be circulating a Community Support newsletter across the Queens Park ward.

We would also like to invite you join with us for a St James Area community Zoom video meeting on Wednesday, where you can share your concerns and hear directly from ward councillors, council staff and others about actions taking place and planned.

An agenda will be circulated before the meeting – if you have anything you wpould like to add, please let us know : simon.bannister@brighton-hove.gov.uk

St James Area Community Zoom Apr 22, 2020 18:30 PM


Meeting ID: 853 1797 1755 Password: 005300